FAQs – 2018/2019

Questions & Answers

Q: What do you get for your £16.50 fee per child?
A: For your £16.50 your children are received by one of our elves, are able to write letters to Father Christmas while you wait, spend quality time with Father Christmas, take a nice present home and the parent receives one free 6×4 mounted image of the family per visit.

Q: Will my children have to queue for long as we have to do at so many Christmas Grotto’s?
A: There are no queues at our Christmas Experience, you have your own time-slot and the maximum wait is around 10 minutes.

Q: Will Father Christmas make our visit special, is he the real deal?
A: Father Christmas will know your children’s names and everything about your child, only the ‘real’ Father Christmas knows this and this is why our visit is very special and is always sold out before we open.

Q: Are adults free to enter?
A: No, all adults are £2.00 each and babies under one free with a full paying child

Q: Can adults go in and see Father Christmas without children
A: Yes, all adults have the option to see Father Christmas as a full paying child fee

Q: What is the present and is it age related?
A: The child/children choose their own present from the many sacks as guided by our elf in their time with Father Christmas. They can choose from: a Soft cuddly toy, an assortment of boys toys or a selection box, All supplied with a Christmas themed bag to take them home in.

Q: It still seems expensive?
A: For £16.50 your child receives a quality present worth around £3.00/15.00 in value and your parent a professional image in a mount (valued around £6.99) per visit making it extremely good value for money. Your child/children also have a decent amount of time with Father Christmas and we have the unique way of letting Father Christmas know their names prior to their visit making their appointment very personal and quite special.

Q: How can we book or pay?
A: 99.7% of families last year booked on-line via PayPal (no account needed) via the booking page listed below. You can pay via credit card or cash at the reception area in person on the day if tickets are available. (sold-out last four years 6 weeks before opening)

Q: Do we have to pay to go into Calverley Grounds?
A: No, its free entry but ice-skating you have to pay on the day or best to book in advance.

To book go to: https://thelittleboxoffice.com/darrylcurcherevents/event/view/41487

Your Father Christmas Visit Includes

  • A meet & greet from our welcoming elves
  • A chance to write & post your letters to Father Christmas
  • Your family receive a memorable private meeting with Father Christmas of up-to 10 minutes
  • Chooses their own quality present, 12 choices, for all children aged 1-16
  • Receive a professional mounted family photograph for each family visit
  • All adults are only £2.00 and babies under one free with a full paying child
  • Extra photographs and merchandise including Keyrings & Fridge Magnets are available to buy from our Sales Cabin
  • Toys & gifts are also available to buy

This Father Christmas experience is in no way connected to a Lapland UK style experience or Santa’s Magical Kingdom which we helped stage in 2007 & 2008, and 2009 & 2010.